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Valuation of Real Property

Institutional investors, private developers and corporations recognize the value of impartial advice that can only come from a totally independent advisor like American Appraisal. You can rely on our real estate advisory services for objective valuations and recommendations, whether you are a property owner or an investor.

Increasingly, your real estate holdings compete with all other asset classifications for investment capital. The dynamic global economy demands that you constantly rethink conventional real estate wisdom. We can assist you in regularly re-evaluating your real estate investments.

We begin with the basics: studying all available scenarios, developing proactive strategies and maximizing value in transactions. Market research regarding a potential real estate project and due diligence regarding the condition and capital expenditure requirements of assets being acquired are some of the real estate advisory services that American Appraisal provides.

Our range of services beyond valuation includes:

  • Appraisal reviews
  • Litigation support
  • Market research

American Appraisal assists owners/operators, attorneys, accountants, financiers, investors, developers and government entities with independent, objective real estate advisory services.

Although we can assist in almost any geography and with any asset or entity type, American Appraisal specifically focuses on individual complex real property and related asset holdings, some of which are operated as going concerns, as well as large-scale or portfolios of investment real estate.  American Appraisal’s specialty areas include:

  • Large-scale or portfolios of investment real estate holdings
  • Hospitality & gaming (including hotels and racetracks)
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation (automotive/aviation)
  • Healthcare (including nursing homes)
  • Technology (semiconductor fabrication, data centers and R&D)
  • Agribusiness, food & beverage (including food processing; grain storage; and beef, pork, and poultry plants)
  • Metals & mining
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Higher education
  • Oil & gas (including refineries)
  • Utilities & power generation
  • Chemicals, etc.

Due to the large-scale, portfolio or complex nature of the properties involved, our objective work efforts and reporting to clients are tailored considering the purpose of each analysis.  Clients have direct access to appropriate consultants worldwide with industry and service know-how. In addition, our consultants have the breadth and depth of necessary experiences. We frequently present on valuation issues at national and international valuation and industry conferences. 

Please feel free to contact one of our experts to discuss how we might assist you with your real estate valuation.