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We are an independent firm focused exclusively on financial advisory services.

Our objective analyses and reports stand up to scrutiny from the world’s most discerning regulatory, judicial and taxing authorities, giving clients the confidence needed to make important decisions and resolve challenging situations.

We assist our clients by providing strategic advisory services, dispute consulting and restructuring-related services.


Strategic Advisory

Preparation of business plans, financial modeling and intellectual property valuation services to help clients in making important decisions

Intellectual Property Valuation

Intellectual property valuation for financial reporting, strategic, transfer pricing and Indian income tax purposes in accordance with ASC 805, ASC 820, IAS 38 and other applicable standards and regulations

Financial Modeling / Projections

Financial modeling services for complex business scenarios in M&A, capital raising, joint venture structuring, restructuring, LBOs and MBOs, etc.

Preparation of Business Plans

Preparation of business plans for strategy evaluation and implementation, and to prepare companies to reach growth-stage financing


Dispute Consulting

Valuation reviews, damage quantification, pre-litigation and litigation consultation and expert testimony

Valuation for Litigation Support

Valuation reviews, damage quantification, pre-litigation and litigation consultation, and expert testimony

Valuation for Tax-Related Issues

Valuations for tax reporting, transfer pricing, transaction planning, reorganizations, and more in accordance with various income tax requirements


Restructuring Services

Solvency opinions, liquidation and exit strategies, independent corporate business review and liquidity review in restructuring scenarios

Solvency Opinions

Due diligence and performance of key solvency tests for LBOs, MBOs, going-private transactions, restructuring, and more

Liquidation and Exit Strategies

Advisory services for liquidation and exit strategies for liquidation, management buy-out, selling to another business, IPO and more

Independent Corporate Business Review and Liquidity Review

Independent reviews of business and liquidity to help clients in making decisions regarding current and future strategies