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Paper & Forest Products

American Appraisal performs valuation and consulting services for paper and forest products companies worldwide.  

Who We Serve
American Appraisal’s paper and forest products industry practice serves producers and processors of:

  • Pulp (hardwood and softwood)
  • Lumber, oriented strand board, plywood, dimensional lumber, engineered wood products, other wood products and converter plants
  • Paper, including printing and writing, newsprint, tissue, linerboard, boxboard, coated and uncoated, specialty papers and other types

What We Do
American Appraisal’s work with paper and forest product clients includes:

Recent Experience
American Appraisal’s recent paper and forest products industry experience includes:

  • Valuation of complex financial instruments for a leading paper and forest products company in India
  • Valuation of for two of the largest independent paper and forest products companies
  • Valuation for purchase price allocation purposes of a £1.5 billion multiple-mill acquisition in North America
  • Valuation work for a multiple mill producer undergoing a restructuring
  • Equity valuations of the Spanish subsidiaries of a US paper company
  • Lease buy-out appraisal for a large pulp and paper mill
  • Business enterprise, equity and insurance valuations for the large coated paper manufacturer
  • Real estate advisory services to support a tax appeal for a four-machine paper mill
  • Market value, highest and best use valuation for several paper mills prior to a restructuring

Why American Appraisal?
American Appraisal’s extensive experience with operating and special-purpose facilities gives us the expertise to provide independent and objective valuations of paper mills, saw mills and other wood and paper processors. Our consultants have extensive experience dealing with the external and internal factors that affect this industry.