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American Appraisal provides valuation and consulting services to the healthcare industry in India and throughout the world.

Who We Serve
Our healthcare industry clients include: 

  • For-profit and not-for-profit integrated health systems
  • Hospitals and surgeries of all types
  • Long-term care and skilled nursing homes
  • Ancillary service facilities such as imaging, diagnostic labs, rehab facilities and pharmacy services
  • Day care surgery centres
  • Home health and hospice care providers
  • Managed care organizations
  • Other health service organizations

What We Do
American Appraisal’s work in the healthcare industry includes:

Examples of Our Recent Experience

  • Purchase price allocation for a leading healthcare and hospital chain company in India related to a cross-border acquisition
  • Preparation of framework for equity allocation for an ambulatory day care centre chain in India
  • Valuation of real estate, personal property and intangible assets of more than 54 enterprises globally comprising more than 250 related hospitals for purchase price allocations
  • Impairment testing for a UK hospital group
  • Valuation advice for a merger of two not-for-profit systems
  • Valuation of multiple GP practices for a public hospital management company
  • Research and analysis on the rental value for medical space located within more than 1,000 stores of the world’s largest retailer
  • Valuation of property and medical equipment in 37 buildings totaling 2.9 million square feet, for insurance purposes
  • Valuation of a cancer centre to comply with a lease/purchase option
  • Valuation of 17 medical office buildings for financial reporting purposes
  • Valuation of a surgery for regulatory compliance
  • Valuation for a proposed children’s hospital with respect to lease structuring

Why American Appraisal?
American Appraisal is a long-standing healthcare valuation leader. We are one of the few providers of valuation services with the expertise and experience to address the value of all classifications of tangible and intangible assets. We have performed hundreds of valuations across virtually all healthcare and related segments, from small private clinics to national healthcare corporations.