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American Appraisal assists governmental entities in meeting capital budgeting, financial reporting and risk management requirements. Our reports comply with governments and have withstood the scrutiny of all relevant agencies and internal/external audit review.

Who We Serve
American Appraisal provides valuation, consulting and advisory services to:

  • Local government
  • The cabinet office and associated contractors
  • Public-sector undertaking companies
  • MOD and associated contractors
  • Public utilities
  • Public school districts
  • School boards and boards of education
  • Airports
  • Governmental-entity insurance risk pools

What We Do
American Appraisal’s work for the Government/PSU  includes:

Recent Experience
American Appraisal’s recent experience in the public sector includes:

  • Componentization and fair valuation of assets of the refinery, pipeline and marketing divisions of a large oil PSU
  • Annual property insurance appraisals for statewide risk pools including historic structures
  • Annual fixed asset inventory and reconciliation services for hundreds of public school districts throughout the United States
  • Market value analyses of multiple US and international properties for the US Department of State
  • Valuation and consulting services to assist the United States Coast Guard with financial reporting for several marine vessels
  • Development of FAR 52.245-compliant property plan including inventory and reconciliation services for a defence contractor

Why American Appraisal?
American Appraisal has extensive experience with the IASB and FASAB financial reporting requirements that affect governmental and other public-sector entities. Our comprehensive analyses ensure that entities meet regulatory guidelines and comply with stringent reporting requirements.